If you’re a visitor at a state like Rhode Island which is the second largest densely populated state in the U.S, having a taxi/cab to move you around from one point to the next sounds much more convenient. This article will give you a preview of taxi companies found in Rhode Island and their service for you to consider which one fits you, just in case you land to Providence city soon.

List of Best Taxi Companies in Rhode Island

  1. Orange Cab

The company offers really good services and they are organized in that you don’t have to worry of being late for that important meeting. This guy’s operate at multiple points within Providence city and at the city suburbs. Example of the points where you can find Orange cabs include:

  • Newport Naval Station (Nuwc),
  • University Of Rhode Island,
  • Roger Williams University,
  • Salve Regina University,
  • Kingston Railroad Station,
  • Block Island Ferry,
  • Tfg Airport. They are available at any of these places to pick you and deliver you at the destination of your choosing.

There rates are also friendly to most people, hence you don’t have to worry on spending much as what they charge does match up with the kind of quality services you will receive. Here are their rate:-

  • Above two passengers you will be charged $ 1.30 for each additional passenger
  • $ 35.00/ hour for waiting time
  • They charge $ 3.00 an initial of 1/10 of a mile and
  • $0.35 for every additional 1/10 of a mile

I will give you few reasons why you should consider Orange cabs while you visit or stay in Rhode Island:-

  • You can order for an unmarked caravan to suit your private transportation
  • Customized caravans that will ensure you experience solace and comfort
  • wheelchair accessible vans are available in case you yourself are confined to a wheelchair or maybe is your partner
  • Open 24/7 year round this includes even during holidays there services are always open.
  • Reservations can be made ahead of time
  1. Uber Taxi

For instance you just landed at Providence or you visited a friend and you want to move around the city. Uber taxi are the best for such, reason being you just have to order via any device you have that access the internet and within no time the taxi will be right in-front of you.

Why Uber:-

  • You get the comfort of sitting down wherever you are and track your uber driver via GPS as he comes to pick you
  • If you had no time to make reservation then Uber is just a click/push of a button away from you
  • Even when onboard you can still see if the taxi driver is on the right way and this gives you safety
  • No necessary to have an English driver, since you will have already given instructions via GPS
  1. Sam’s Taxi

Talk of class plus experience in the industry of taxis, then Sam’s taxi has it all in one. The company has been in the taxi business for seven good years offering a variety of services to its customers, such as:-

  • airport service
  • interstate service
  • corporate accounts
  • limousine service

I will recommend this guys for the following reasons:-

  • All their drivers undergo strict scrutiny before they are hired, therefore you are assured of safe ride around and outside Providence
  • They offer new cars and vans such as Pacifica and 2016 Chrysler 200s
  • Assured of clean taxi
  1. Providence Taxi

They are iconic as you will be able to identify a providence taxi at first sight due to their yellow color. They have been known for their reliability, so if you just need a taxi fast and convenient in terms of costs, then you better call for a providence taxi.

Why I will recommend this taxi:-

  • They offer wide service such as hotels and restaurant services, so you can take a Providence taxi and stop by one of their hotels if you don’t have relatives in the city.
  • Have more options in terms of payment methods as they can accept; VISA cards, Discover, American Express and Master Card.
  1. Economy Cab

A half a century into the taxi business, economy cabs are worth your consideration when you at Rhode Island. This guys can pick you at any point, examples of places that they are readily available include:

  • North Providence
  • Providence
  • Cranston
  • Johnston
  • RI

They offer services such as:-

  • Taxi services: – at any place in Rhodes Island this guys are sure going to be at your door step just a few minutes after you call for their services.
  • Airport services: – you can make reservations so that when your plane touches down your taxi will be right there waiting for you with no hustle.
  • Chauffeur services:- if you love to be treated as a King or Queen then this package is for you as you will be assured of having the most experienced and well-mannered Chauffeur to drive you to your destination
  • Sedan services:- are you that business person who like to drive in a Cadillac and have a driver who is composed and knows almost every answer to the questions you will have about where you passing through? Then economy cab will give you just that.

Reasons why you should choose Economy cab:-

  • They have the best luxury Sedan services in the market
  • Drivers are well experienced and act professionally
  • Prices are fair enough for the kind of services you will be getting
  • Variety of payment options so that you don’t get last minute frustrations
  • They have much more experience compared to the others.